Next Tuesday, April 4 is National School Librarian Day. At Grant-White, we are honored to have Mr. Mills as our school library media specialist. In celebration of this day, we asked Mr. Mills to tell us three fun facts about himself, and we also gathered comments from students that he works with.

Top Three Fun Facts about Mr. Mills

  1. His school librarian, Mrs. Wince, is the reason he became a school librarian.

  2. He played basketball in college.

  3. His favorite books include the Three Investigators series, along with Rats of Nimh.


Here is what students have to say about Mr. Mills:


  • “What I like about Mr. Mills is that he is nice and he helps people. Also, he gives people books, and that is what I like about him, because I love books.” -Laniya J., 3rd grade


  • “Mr. Mills is very smart, nice, and a good librarian. When I have trouble finding a book, he always tells me what’s interesting.” -Naiya, 3rd grade


  • “Mr. Mills is very smart and kind.” -Aulon, 3rd grade


  • “He is very funny.” -Christian, 4th grade


  • “I like that he tells great scary stories and that he scares us all the time.” -Chaunise, 4th grade


  • “I like that he lets us check out books.” -Danny, 4th grade


  • “He is so funny, and nice to everyone.” -Jayden, 5th grade


  • “I love that Mr. Mills is always funny and is very helpful.” -Da’Nyla, 5th grade


  • “I like that Mr. Mills makes us laugh by making up jokes.” -Jisela, 5th grade

Mr. Mills has been with Forest Park Schools since 2014 and splits his teaching time between Grant-White and Field-Stevenson intermediate buildings.

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