Challenge Program students from Grant-White and Field-Stevenson joined the Historical Society of Forest Park in their latest Forest Park Amusement Park exhibition in the lower level of Village Hall on Monday, April 10th. 
On display were a number of amusement park models created by 4th and 5th graders from Grant White and Field-Stevenson.  The students researched various local amusement parks, their influence and decline as they developed their “Age of Amusements” website.   In developing ride designs, students used “inspired” ideas from rides of these parks of old.  Rides included: a pneumatic lift,  panoramic earthquake ride, fire show exhibit, tornado, tunnel of love and a steeplechase.  The rides were designed and programmed by students and incorporated a sequence of events using sensors, sound and motors.
There was even a chance to take an “old timey” photo in a photo booth designed by students.  The event included a presentation by John Rice.  The Historical Society exhibit consists of photographs, information, and artifacts from the Forest Park Amusement Park that will be on display through the summer.