Two Forest Park police officers were recognized at Monday’s village council meeting for their life-saving actions following a hit-and-run accident in January.

Officers Dan Miller and Adam Stasinopoulos were commended for provided first aid to a pedestrian who had been struck by a hit-and-run driver on the night of Jan. 22 at 7737 W. Roosevelt Road. According to police reports, Miller and Stasinopoulos applied a tourniquet to the leg of the pedestrian after finding his lower left leg had been severed in the accident.

In nominating the two officers for the department’s life-saving award, Sgt. Michael Harrison said their “quick thinking, preparedness and application of department training saved this person’s life.”

Mayor Anthony Calderone and Police Chief Tom Aftanas made the presentations.

Calderone referred to the officers as “heroes,” noting their actions “bring credit to themselves and the police department.”

“Both of you are commended for your quickness and professionalism,” he said. “Thank God we’ve got two excellent police officers who came to this person’s aid that particular night.

“I tip my hat to you. Thank you for protecting all of us.”

Calderone also suggested “a big round of applause,” which prompted a standing ovation from the audience.

Miller’s wife, Bridget, and their son, Dan Jr., were also on hand for the presentation.

Forest Park police later arrested Xavier Watkins of Maywood and charged him with aggravated reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.