The Lone Eagle, Lucky Lindy — or Slim, as he was known locally according to numerous articles in the Forest Park Review that year — took the first-ever solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean 90 years ago this week. The 33½ hour flight from New York to Paris in a custom-built “Spirit of St. Louis,” was completed by the young aviator, Charles Lindbergh, on May 20-21, 1927.

Lindbergh, originally from Minnesota, lived in Forest Park after WWI. He was an airmail pilot at the Checkerboard Air Field, at 1st Avenue and Roosevelt Road. According to the Checkerboard Recreation Club, the legendary flight started in Maywood. 

Lindbergh was the slim, blonde fellow, who would hang around town with other aviators. He was said to have frequented the DeLuxe Restaurant at 7434 Madison (now Doc Ryan’s) and Albright Restaurant at 7522 Madison (now Angelo O’Leary’s) and Mader’s Tire Shop across the street. 

The new post office at 314 Circle sold this commemorative Lindbergh stamp the day it opened, July 1, 1927.

Jill Wagner