Thomas Vogel has joined the staff of the Forest Park Review and Wednesday Journal as a staff reporter. Vogel has worked as a freelance reporter for the Review and recently earned his master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

A native of the Oak Park and River Forest area, he is a graduate of Oak Park and River Forest High School.

In his new post, Vogel will be the lead reporter for the Review, covering village government, District 91 and District 209 schools, the park district and local business. In addition, he will cover River Forest for Wednesday Journal.

Vogel’s arrival is timed with the shift to part-time status by Ken Trainor, who began his career at the Review and Journal 26 years ago as the Review’s editor. Over the past two years, among many other duties, Trainor has served as an editorial coordinator for the Review, corralling a group of freelance reporters.

With Trainor moving into semi-retirement, the Review will once again have a primary reporter in Vogel. Continuing as columnists and freelance reporters will be John Rice and Tom Holmes, two mainstays of the Review.

“We’re looking for Tom Vogel to bring more cohesive coverage to Forest Park,”
said Dan Haley, the publisher. “We’ve done our best the past couple of years and I thank Ken for holding things together. But Tom will bring more continuity to our reporting, more speed in reporting to our online and social platforms. And that will be good for the Review and for Forest Park.”

Readers can reach Tom Vogel at 708-366-0600 or by email at