The other issue which juiced energy levels at the village council Monday was the village decision to opt-out of the new Cook County government ordinance raising the minimum wage and creating mandated sick leave policies.

We actively support the county effort although we see the shortcomings in such a localized effort to fix a problem that needs at least a statewide solution or better yet a federal response. If you’ve looked lately at the dysfunction in Springfield and Washington, you better understand the impulse to find a local solution.

The county has offered an imperfect response which is made worse as many suburban communities opt out in advance of a July 1 deadline.

We get the worries of the local business community who fear new wage requirements will create a competitive disadvantage for them. We understand the conundrum commissioners faced.

But paying good people more money for their hard work is just the right thing to do. And if the only place to accomplish this goal is town-by-town then that would have been the right choice.

Finally, active Forest Parkers have found a voice and they have issues to rally on. The implications for the 2019 local elections are profound.