Andrew Johnston, 27, of Forest Park, was arrested July 25 for allegedly attempting to rob Byline Bank, 4600 Harlem Ave., in Harwood Heights.

According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court, Johnston, wearing a black mask, hoodie, gloves and hat with the word “Security” on it, walked into the bank and told a teller, “Don’t press any buttons. Get closer. Put your hands up. This is a robbery.”

Johnston then reportedly told the teller members of his family had been kidnapped and a sibling had gambling problems. The teller, according to the complaint, then looked at a nearby drive-by window and realized a customer was there holding up a cellphone, motioning if the teller “needed the customer to call police.” The teller nodded.

Johnston reportedly noticed the customer with the cell phone and left the bank without taking any money.

The customer at the drive-through window saw Johnston exit the bank and took down his license plate number, which he then gave to police.

Johnston was stopped a short time later by Harwood Heights police. Police searched the car, which was reportedly registered to Johnston’s girlfriend, and found a black hoodie, two black gloves, and a black hat with “Security” on it.

According to the complaint, Johnston was identified by the tellers, to whom he apologized from an FBI vehicle, using the microphone of the drive-thru.