A vehicle hijacked in Elmhurst and involved in a high-speed chase with police crashed into the front window of a garden-level apartment at 549 Jackson Blvd. in Forest Park on Dec. 20, showering the interior of the residence with glass and other debris.

Forest Park police confirmed that one person was inside the apartment at the time of the crash, but the tenant was not injured.

The driver of the vehicle, a woman, reportedly bailed out of the car after the crash but was apprehended by Forest Park police after a foot chase. She was transported to the Elmhurst Police Department and reportedly has been positively identified by a victim of the carjacking incident there.

Other suspects reportedly are being held by Elmhurst police. There was no word on what charges Forest Park police may file against the driver, who lost control of the stolen vehicle as she tried to negotiate the curve while speeding west on Jackson Boulevard, where the roadway bends north.

According to Forest Park Deputy Police Chief Michael Keating the vehicle was hijacked in Elmhurst about an hour before Forest Park police observed the vehicle at around 4 p.m., as it exited I-290 and then headed west on Jackson Boulevard.

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