In Forest Park, there is a new face in insurance that continues a long-standing tradition of offering personalized service to every client. This January, Meaghan Good, an experienced State Farm agent, is taking over the practice of Lenore Koca, who is stepping down after thirty five years with State Farm in the community. Clients will find the same location, the same phone number and the same great State Farm service. Good, a new name and a new face, will bring the familiar dedication to providing the best in customer service to clients in all areas of insurance needs.

For Good, who has worked in the insurance industry since 2009, the move to Forest Park gives her the opportunity to become a part of a thriving community. “I’m excited to be a strong part of the Forest Park community. Forest Park always has something interesting going on.”

As part of a service-oriented family, Good grew up steeped in a tradition of helping others as a part of daily life. Through her work at State Farm, she has been able to continue that tradition and give back to her community. Noting that no one really considers their insurance needs until something goes wrong, Good finds that being an insurance agent provides the opportunity to play an impactful role in clients’ lives by turning what could be a catastrophe into an opportunity to find the silver lining. “When everything’s going wrong, we’re the people who can make it right.”

Through the Forest Park office, Good offers all State Farm products, from business insurance to personal, home, life and auto insurance. Good has an open door policy and encourages clients and prospective clients to stop by the office located at 7601 Madison Street. For more information, call 708-366-3779 or visit