District 91 schools recently unveiled their inaugural mobile application, offering another way for parents to stay in the loop. 

“The mobile app is linked to our website and provides our school community with the information most important to them,” Becca Latham, D91 communications manager, said in a statement. “Our new mobile app will allow parents to stay even more connected with notifications straight to their phone and quick access to all the schools’ digital backpacks.” 

Developers from Blackboard Learn spent about three months building the mobile app so it would automatically sync to the district’s website, which is also powered by Blackboard Inc. The software company charges D91 an annual fee of $594 to run the app. 

Once users download the free app from iTunes and Google Play stores, they can personalize what they see by selecting the schools they’re interested in receiving news and updates for. Users can also choose to receive notifications for breaking news and updates about school closures, calendar changes and sports.

This is the district’s first mobile app. Officials plan to send out surveys through the app, as well as posting them on the website, to collect feedback and suggestions for improving the mobile app.