Let Forest Park Vote on Video Gaming is raising money to again bring the case for including a binding referendum question on an upcoming election ballot to the Cook County Circuit Court.

The political action committee seeks to appeal the recent decision of Associate Judge James Carroll, who decided Feb. 21 to throw out more than 275 pages of referendum petitions submitted by the group because of the petitions dissimilar headings and delay in submission.

Although Carroll admitted some may find his decision “harsh,” he said the varying headers and two-year-filing delay “provided basis for voter confusion for when the referendum would be voted on.”  

But, “our fellow neighbors have been silenced by this ruling and we are raising funds in order to continue the fight to give them a voice,” Let Forest Park Vote’s online funding campaign reads. “This ruling is surprising and the law is being narrowly construed at the detriment of every single person who signed the petition.”

Funds raised will be used for the legal, administrative and communications costs associated with bringing Let Forest Park Vote’s case again to trial. As of publication, seven people donated a combined $540 towards the group’s goal of $3,522. Those interested can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/letFPvote

“Because this village wants to have a say on this matter, but more importantly, because we cannot allow for voter suppression to become the norm,” the GoFundMe description reads.

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