A Hinsdale man in 2017 paid more than $1 million to purchase the car wash at Harlem Avenue and Lexington Street, and now the business is in the process of getting a complete makeover.  

Celltech LLC, which is managed by Neil Rembos, bought the Premier Car Wash property at 903 Harlem Ave. for $1.055 million in May 2017, according to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Rembos bought the lot from Odock Two Inc., which is managed by Katherine Madock of River Forest.

“I have to think there’s probably some value in the business as well, not just the land,” said Steve Glinke, director of Forest Park’s Department of Public Health and Safety.

Glinke said the purchase and renovation of Premier Car Wash is a family deal between father Steven and son Neil Rembos. Steven Rembos did not respond to an interview request.

The Rembos’ plan to partially demolish the site, build a more automated car wash and replace all the equipment, Glinke said. Construction will run through the spring, and Glinke estimates it should be done by late summer.

“The gist I got was they wanted to update some of the mechanicals; it’s a little bit of an onion,” Glinke said. “They want to make it more automated, so they won’t have as many onsite employees. New equipment, different envelope.”

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