Summer may finally be on its way to Forest Park … maybe. Whenever summer may arrive, to take advantage of the warm sun and gentle breezes of the season, many of us get a drink or have a meal in the outdoor seating area of our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Unfortunately, when the spacing of the furniture doesn’t allow for a clear path, outdoor seating creates a nightmare for people with disabilities. The inaccessibility prevents us from passing in order to get to work, let alone stop for a beer. 

With this in mind, I’m thrilled that the village of Forest Park is reaching out to local businesses, informing them of the 48-inch clearance standard, which is in line with the Illinois Americans with Disabilities Act guideline. We applaud the work of Forest Park and all businesses who are committed to making our village more inclusive, and a place we can all enjoy this summer, whether we are disabled or non-disabled.

Larry Biondi 

Progress Center of Illinois