Moses Biosah’s future is approaching fast, but the track star is used to that.

Biosah, a senior at Proviso East High School, has so far received seven college offers from such universities as the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, Iowa Wesleyan University, Ball State University and more, with many offering the 17-year-old full or partial scholarships to attend their schools.

“I’m still getting offers as we speak,” Biosah said.

It’s no surprise track-and-field coaches are knocking on the door of Biosah’s Forest Park home. At the 27th annual Pirates Midwest Classic in late March, Biosah finished first in three races, winning the 55-meter dash in 6.55-seconds, the 200 dash in 23.32 and the 400 dash in 51.55 (although his personal best is 50.95 for the 400, according to

Last year, he said his relay team placed third in their division in the nation. Eventually, Biosah dreams of competing in the Olympics.

“Work hard, play hard, do well in school, I’ll do anything to make it to the Olympics,” he said.

Biosah credits his many college offers to his high grades and track performance. Although he’s still undecided about which university he plans to attend, he said he’s looking for a diverse school that allows him to major in nursing. He said his upbringing has prepared him for whatever’s next. 

Biosah moved to Forest Park when he was 9 – some 6,000 miles from the family’s former home in Nigeria, in Africa. His father had family in town and really liked the neighborhood, thinking it was a good place for his son to grow up.

The family made the move and enrolled Biosah in Field-Stevenson Elementary School, where he marveled at how new and exciting American culture — and the weather — felt.

“I had never seen snow before and it was so cold,” Biosah said of his first winter in Forest Park, laughing.

“America is full of better opportunities and you can do whatever you want, be whatever you want. If you set your mind right and you work hard you can do really great things over here,” he said. 

Biosah went on to attend Forest Park Middle School and focused on academics and sports. He played soccer and read for the first time his now-favorite book, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

He entered Proviso East and joined the track team. He soon started breaking school records for running. Biosah said his favorite race is now the 4-by-400 relay because it’s the last race during track meets and everyone pays attention.

“Everybody watches it, and if you run fast you get to show off,” he said. “I really love getting everybody pumped.” 

His sister, Sarah Biosah, agreed that when she attends his meets everyone seems to know — and cheer — for her older brother.

“I feel happy for him with the things he’s done, it’s inspiring,” she said. “Maybe I can be like that one day.”


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