The Forest Park Village Council voted June 25 to give nonunion village employees a 1.5 percent salary increases for fiscal year 2019.

The increase, which affects part-time and full-time employees, will be retroactive to May 1, the beginning of the fiscal year.

Village Administrator Tim Gillian said the increases are similar to those approved in previous years and in line with what employees under union contracts are receiving. He was unable to provide an exact number of employees affected due to the fluctuating number of part-time employees.

The village council approved contracts in May with Automobile Mechanics Local 701, representing the village’s one mechanic, and Forest Park Firefighters Local 2753, representing the firefighters. The auto mechanics union contract runs for three years and the firefighters union contract extends four years. 

Police officers and office staff are working without contracts. Contracts with Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 211, which represents the police officers, and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3026, which represents office staff, expired on April 30, but police officers and office staff are working under terms of the expired contracts while negotiations continue, as has been done in the past. 

The village’s contract with Teamsters Local 705, which represents public works employees, does not expire until April 30, 2020.

The village provides annual salary increases to nonunion employees at the beginning of each fiscal year but the amount of the increases is not usually determined until after the fiscal year begins. Salary increases for fiscal year 2017 were approved in June 2016 but increases for fiscal year 2018 were not approved until January 2018.