Your Editor Sez….

Oringinally published in Forest Park Review July 21, 1971, page 3

Larry Kaercher, Editor

 Now that summer is here we all have a tendency to sit back, relax and take it easy.  That of course seems to be normal and natural.  The hot weather takes some of the drive asway from our better abilities. Along with that State and Federal Legislative bodies adjourn for the summer.  Community wide most clubs and organizations take a summer hiatus.

But not our Police and Fires Departments for them it is business as usual.  Actually, it is: more business than usual.  Your local Police officers will tell you the warm weather bring out the kooks, morons and other of that ilk in great quantities.  No to mention the burglaries, car thefts, etc.  In addition, traffic accidents increase considerably in on part due to more vehicle on the roads plus driving at a faster rate of speed than in the winter time.

Chief Marousek will also tell you our Fires Department has never been busier.  In one moth they have receive a total of ninety calls.  In case you are interested, and you should be, that averages out to be about three calls a day.  Come to think of it if Police Department and the Fire Departments were getting paid “by the call,” there probably would be no need of occasional salary wrangles between them and our Village Fathers.

It is conceivable that people of Forest Park are not aware of the fine, highly talented, well-equipped, Police and Fire Departments serving our town and believe me, there and those who have cried out in the night and day, for help who will gladly and proudly testify to the fact that we have the greatest.  Witness the many “cards of thanks” to the Police & Firemen appearing in the Review each and every week.  And yet, these are just a small minority of those that were helping in a time of great need.

Too often we take the good things in life for granted, unfortunately our Police and Fire Departments come under that category.