I got involved in the video gambling referendum process initially because of concern about ugly signs, but also as a way to get involved in my community. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with my neighbors, and found them equally concerned about the issue. But I stuck with the effort because I was appalled by the disdainful treatment we received. Dozens of volunteers walked door to door in sweltering heat and freezing cold. Hundreds and hundreds of people signed a petition indicating they wanted a vote. Twice! And were blocked and blocked and blocked. Forest Parkers made it clear they wanted a say in this matter, and since the law allows a binding referendum on this issue, they will have their chance in November. Those who wanted video gambling have had a chance to make their case, and the case they chose to make was “You don’t matter, and you don’t get a say.” I’m very glad the voters will get the final word.

Kris McCoy