I would like to offer a big “Thank You” to the local business owners who represent the committee to Vote NO on prohibiting video gaming that was held this past Tuesday at McGaffer’s. The event was well attended and the conversations were polite and informative.

After all the negativity that has surrounded the gaming issue, it was nice to see people having civilized conversations that centered on facts. I was happy to hear the owners state that gaming has already brought in nearly $300,000 to the Village. Most of our neighboring municipalities already have machines as well, so getting rid of Forest Park’s machines will only cost Forest Parkers money and put the local businesses at a disadvantage.

For me, one of the most important issues is not letting Forest Park become cluttered with ugly signs. I talked to multiple owners, all of them said no matter what the city ordinance is, they are 100% committed to not putting up these types of signs and are making that pledge public.

I appreciated the owners taking the time to make their case and for throwing a fun little party to do it. Based on everything I learned, voting No on prohibition is the best thing for Forest Park and our local economy.

Pamela Fontana

Forest Park resident 

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