Readers of the Review might remember that my husband was one of the people threatened on Facebook by Thomas Mannix. Commissioner Mannix not only posted veiled threats, he also questioned the employment of another resident, intimated unethical behavior by two other residents, and suggested that the professional staff at a nearby veterinary clinic would purposefully hurt his dog because of their stance on video gambling.

There has been no public apology and so these intimidation tactics remain unaddressed officially.

In my experience and opinion, this has created an atmosphere of fear in Forest Park. I am one of the volunteers reaching out to neighbors to encourage them to vote to reinstate the prohibition of video gambling in Forest Park. While talking to neighbors, several have expressed to me that they strongly want to reinstate the ban, but don’t want to put up signs because they are afraid of retribution.

Your neighbors are afraid to express their opinion because they are afraid of retribution.

I want that to sink in.

Regardless of how you feel about video gambling, you should feel free to express your opinion in a democratic society.

The behavior of some of our elected officials has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. The road to put this issue on the ballot has been fraught with attempts to suppress voters. If Mr. Mannix’s intention with his Facebook post was to intimidate the residents of Forest Park who support a “Yes” vote in November, we need to stand together as a village and not give in to these kinds of tactics. Ultimately we cannot be intimidated in the privacy of the voting booth, but we also need to support each other as fellow residents no matter what sign is on our front lawn.

Amy Binns-Calvey

Forest Park resident

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