Over the past several weeks I have spoken to many people regarding the upcoming vote on video gambling.  I let them know that I plan to Vote “Yes” to “Prohibit” video gambling in Forest Park.  Inevitably the conversation goes to money and their belief is that the Village makes a lot of money from video gambling.   At that point I ask if they know how the money is distributed and the answer has always been “No.”  Then I point out that the distribution of all money is mandated by Illinois statute and here is how it shakes out.  If I go out now and gamble and lose $100, this is how my loss is distributed. 

$35.00 (35%) goes to the bar owner(s)

$35.00 (35%) goes to the terminal operator, the company that provided the gambling machines

$25.00 (25%) goes to the State of Illinois

$5.00 (5%) goes to the Village of Forest Park

Yes, you read that correctly, only $5.00 out of every $100.00 lost by a gambler is guaranteed to stay in Forest Park.  

Please think about this when you vote on this important question.   

Vote “Yes” to Prohibit video gambling.

Gloria Backman

Forest Park resident

P.S. if you would like a yard sign, email the folks at novginfp@gmail.com

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