I have been observing the ongoing saga surrounding video gaming in Forest Park for the past several months and this is what I have found: Since allowing gaming machines, I have seen no discernable difference in our Village. Despite some people’s claims that allowing a few machines in restaurants and bars would lead to Forest Park being overrun by denizens of the Underworld, no such thing has happened. 

Unlike some of our surrounding villages, Forest Park doesn’t allow outside gaming signage so there is no risk of turning into a “mini-Vegas.” The local business owners have also pledged that they wouldn’t put up such signs even if there was no ordinance against them. 

Gaming brings in much-needed revenue to the Village, which is a big benefit for allowing a few machines that I barely even notice. Despite the fact that allowing gaming has been a net-positive thing for the Village, there are a small but very vocal group of people who are dead set against it. Their reason often boils down to “I just don’t like it.” 

I don’t believe it is right for anyone to foist their personal moral code on others. If you don’t like gaming then don’t play. Many responsible adults who can make their own decisions do enjoy gaming and they don’t need a self-righteous lecture. Let it Be. Vote No on Prohibition. 

Randy Nicholson,

Forest Park resident 

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