Mark Hosty

Mark Hosty, a former Forest Park resident and village commissioner, property investor and manager of Healy’s Westside, has added another role to his resume: Central Committeeman for the Illinois Republican Party for the 7th Congressional District.

Hosty, of River Forest, was one of 18 elected in April to serve in the four-year post, which maintains the Republican Party office in Springfield; assists candidates in general elections; fundraises for the party; and more. In the election, Hosty upset Carol Smith Donovan, who had served in the post for 13 years, and he also defeated Adrian Wright. Hosty did not respond to an interview request.   

“I want to see more Republican candidates; I want to see more Republican victories,” he said in an interview with Chicago City Wire in April. “I want to see the values of the party, but I also want to see a check against the Democrats just doing what they want when they don’t have a candidate running against them.”

To qualify for the position, Hosty had to provide a copy of his voting history for the past three general elections as proof that he voted Republican; submit a letter of recommendation from an elected Republican official who resides in the 7th District; and a resume among other requirements. He can serve in the position for no more than eight years.

“We have to come behind our candidate for governor; we have to come behind all our candidates who are on the ballot in November and work for their election and keep the strength we have and grow from there,” Hosty told Chicago City Wire.

“I ran because I want to be involved,” he said, “and I want to see the Republican Party start to flourish in Illinois again. I want to get my feet wet and find out what that’s going to take.”

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