To the Citizens of Forest Park, 

As local businesses owners we are proud to call Forest Park home and we care about how our Village looks as well as the quality of life that it offers. 

There has been a great deal of public debate around the issue of Forest Park allowing for video gaming in local establishments and how that has and will affect the Village. One of the main concerns that has been raised is whether Forest Park will allow unattractive neon signs, flag banners of other signage associated with video gaming. 

It should be noted that Forest Park already has an ordinance that does not allow for gaming signs. We as business owners have followed this ordinance and believe it is good policy. Despite the existence of the ordinance, some residents have continued to express concerns about outdoor gaming signage. Therefore we feel it is appropriate to state our intentions as local business owners: 

We pledge that we will NEVER display neon signs, flag banners or any of the other unsightly video gaming signage that has proved to be a visible blight on other municipalities. We will abide by the spirit of the ordinance that bans video gaming signs regardless of any future legal decisions, and we will remain committed to keeping Forest Park Beautiful! 

Forest Park is a great place to live, work and do business and we intend to keep it that way by upholding our pledge to never introduce gaming signs to Forest Park. 

Healy’s West Side; Doc Ryan’s Bar & Grill; O’Sullivan’s Public House; R Place; Beacon Pub; Slainte; Duffy’s; Murphy’s; Blueberry Hill; Mugsy’s; Big Boss; The Golden Steer owners

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