Although I appreciate, the Forest Park Review’s efforts to fact check information, I am disappointed that it merely deletes words and does not provide corrections. A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter that included information on Illinois’ requirement that a portion of funds from gaming be dedicated to programs for the treatment of compulsive gambling. The Review asked me to verify that statement and, sadly, I learned that, although I was correct that the legislation specifically intended that a portion of gaming revenue be allocated to treating problem gambling, the Generally assembly is no longer appropriating the required funds.  (See Sec. 50 at ) 

I still see great similarity between Prohibition and the thinking of those seeking to end compulsive gambling by banning video gaming in Forest Park. Anyone sincerely interested in helping problem gamblers should lobby in Springfield to reinstate funding of programs for the treatment of compulsive gambling. That would be much more effective than voting to ban gaming in a small community. This is not a moral issue. It is an issue of the business owner’s right to provide entertainment that the state specifically allowed. Some eligible business owners choose to offer gaming terminals and some do not, just like how some offer darts and pool while others do not. It is all entertainment designed to extend a customer’s visit.

Bridget Lane

Forest Park resident who has worked as an
economic development consultant for the village 

Editor’s Note: When it comes to correcting letters, the Review will take out inaccurate information but will not add content to the piece. We believe adding information to letters after they’re already printed could confuse readers. 

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