Turning back the clock to ads in the 1957 Forest Park Review, Forest Parkers could pick up their Thanksgiving turkey from a number of local stores.  Calcagno’s (now Silverland Bakery) had turkeys for 39 cents a pound, Scolaro (now Casa de Puros) had young Tom’s or only 29 cents a pound, and Harry’s Quality Meats (now parking lot at Circle and Madison) had fresh birds and to choose from as well as jumbo oysters and Beck’s  freeze- bank  (formerly Brian Boru)  had Pine Manor hens and toms for home freezer owners. Families could also enter the raffle for a free turkey at  Abarbanell Cleaners (now the Vape store) at  7439 Madison. 

 Bakery items like pumpkin or mince pie could be picked up from Bugiels Bakery (now Kay’s).  Flowers from Paul’s (Madison west of Des Plaines) or Forest Home Gardens (Roosevelt and DesPlaines) were available.  If going out to eat on Thanksgiving, perhaps Jan’s Chicken Shop (Bua Hana) or pizza from Christine’s (now about where Danche Guitars) or the Pines (on Harrison across from the Park).  Of course,  Forest Park Liquors, which is still at 7429 Madison, had a few varieties of bourbon on sale and Blatz beer for the Thanksgiving holiday.