The Post published six times annually.

After 14 years, the Forest Park Post released its last issue on Nov. 19, with publisher Amy Rita saying she was ceasing publication to focus more on family, friends and other businesses. The Post published six times annually.  

“My business has become very busy and filled with exciting new ventures, plans are made to travel far and wide before I’m too old to do it (and time sure does fly), and I want to spend more time with family and friends” she wrote in the final, November and December 2018 publication of the Post. “Life is short, less time in the office and more time living it becomes very clear as the years pass.” 

Rita has served as chairwoman of the Police and Fire Commission, as well as chairperson of the Forest Park PAC — an inactive political committee that has supported Mayor Anthony Calderone and his commissioner slates. She did not respond to an interview request.

She will continue to post important information and events around town on the Post’s Facebook and website. Those interested in getting their events publicized should visit or email 

In her farewell letter, Rita urged residents to look for the village’s “good stories,” telling them to visit a new business, attend local classes, village events and more. 

“Discuss hot topics face to face and not from the shadows of a computer,” she wrote. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you work together and have a real conversation.” 

Columnist Bob Cox said he has written for the Post for about five years, and that it was the best job he ever had. 

“Let’s keep the Forest Park community conversation going and remember to vote in all elections if you want to have a voice,” he wrote. “Thanks to the Forest Park Post, a pulse has both been detected and recorded and the beat goes on.”

Nona Tepper

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