After more than 50 years, the original owners of Mom’s Place restaurant sold the building to a Chicago property investor in late November. 

Argos Vds Inc., which is managed by Angela Kawka and Katina Barnett, sold 819-823 S. Harlem Ave. for $352,000 on Nov. 23 to Aidyel Inc., which is managed by Chicago-based property investor Sinchai Suptaveeying. Mom’s Place will continue operating at the current property for at least five more years. 

“I think they just wanted to retire,” Rocio Ruiz said of the old family, whose surname is Skoufis. Ruiz is the daughter of the owner of Mom’s Place and also works there. 

“I think they owned it for over 50 years, the previous family. They used to be here, but they don’t live around here now. The parents built this business and then they went to work, the three kids worked there, grew up here, and moved out; that’s why they’re selling everything.” 

When the Skoufises opened the business, it was named Tom’s Steakhouse. Over the years, the business has changed as the restaurant changed hands. Ruiz, of Berwyn, said Mom’s Place has been at the location for 15 years. Mom’s Place specializes in breakfast and Mexican and American cuisine. 

“We love our customers and our customers love us,” Ruiz said. “They like my mom and my dad, we’re just a family, all the family works here. My parents, my teenagers now are growing up here. It’s just a family thing and they see that and they like it. It’s old-fashioned.”  

Nona Tepper