We were excited for the future of Forest Park when our friend, Rory Hoskins, decided to run for mayor as Mayor Calderone retires this spring. Rory and his family were some of the first people we met when we moved to Forest Park in 2005. Rory was serving as a board member for Forest Park Youth Soccer at that time. He encouraged our girls to join the fun and persuaded us to coach and volunteer with him. Our children also attended school with Rory’s children and we respected his and Monique’s involvement and support of our schools and their programs, especially band and sports. Through the years we have known Rory as someone who cares very much about Forest Park and is committed to its prosperity. It is not easy to fill the shoes of a long-term, devoted mayor, but we believe Rory is just the person who can continue to build on Forest Park’s strengths in the future. We will gladly be voting for Rory in April. 

Paul and Megan Roach

Forest Park residents