I went to a Forest Park Forward meet-and-greet and was very impressed. (Full disclosure, I am now a volunteer for the campaign.) I was impressed with the candidates’ commitment to putting together an economic plan, to repairing the divisiveness in the village, and to transparency in village government. It was evident that all four of the candidates had been doing their homework on local issues. They were each very easy to approach with questions and suggestions. 

One of my main takeaways was that although they are running together (pooling resources), they are also all unique individuals. The candidates have a mix of progressive and conservative ideas, which I think is perfect for our village because we are also a mix of progressive and conservative citizens. I strongly believe they would represent us well. 

It’s exciting to see so much energy in the village directed at making progress and moving forward. We have a great opportunity in this next election to come together and focus on our common goals: helping Forest Park grow and improve. 

I think the four candidates from Forest Park Forward: Julianne Bonwit, Mark Boroughf, Jon Kubricht, and Jessica Voogd would do a great job for Forest Park. I highly recommend attending a meet-and-greet, or one of the candidate forums coming up. (They also have a website, forestparkforward.com.)

And most of all, I encourage you to vote!

Amy Binns-Calvey