Dear Alan Brouilette,

I am a devoted reader of your second week of the month column in Review every month.   Kudos to you for taking a break, possibly forever, from your smart phone.  I checked, and we are not social media friends, confirming your mention that you broke up with Facebook long ago.  I will only continue to see you here on the pages of the Review.

You are welcome to help the Review pass out candy at the parade, but I know, from your columns that you are not a fan of St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Perhaps you remember the social media storm that hit the Review that week.   Forest Parkers tend to think the parade is sacred ground.  

I never know what you are going to write about, you don’t seem to have any rules and it may not even mention Forest Park at all.  Could be a rant about Baby Boomers and millennials, might talk about how the Forest Park liquor store hours changed, perhaps a story about your family’s thanksgiving or  even a random a whimsical trip.

Last week, you mentioned you were breaking up with your smart phone.  Not sure how you can read this, because I noticed that you don’t subscribe which I am going to fix for you, it’s only $22 after all. 

I’m very interested in how your simple life without social media, or a smart phone works out for you.  Will your posture improve? Will you actually do more long form reading?  Will your cats miss all the photo sessions?

Looking forward to your updates.