Forest Park government “is as it does.” FACT; After the April 2019 election the reconstituted Village Council and Mayor will INHERIT all conditions and state of the Village matters. A small group of cynics are blaming current conditions on people and candidates who unless you are an incumbent, that had little or nothing to do with the past few years of FP governmental activities. Couple this with an over dependence to ad hoc and random action taken by a “Chosen few” in position of power over the last 3 decades. Business as usual in Forest Park needs to be retired.

Simply put, the old conventional processes and systems in place Forest Park were not producing the desired results for our community.

A pillar of any future FP Administration is Economic Development that is collaborative by building private public partnerships, be competitive in the market place, offer a fair economic opportunity, and be geared to 21stcentury, businesses, jobs and services.

The economic plan is long term and would be designed to support public services and delivery, favor stability, and bring value to our community… in good economic times and durable through down turns.

The new Administration should and probably will take a step back and review and inventory all matters, enter to some collective governance training and preparation and start the arduous task of balancing the municipal budget that unfortunately… they did not create. It is critical to also look objectively at the past administrations record regarding matters that they passed on or did not take action on.

Connectivity to other levels of State and regional government, NGOs, not for profits that produce public services, investments, and private partnerships constructed in the daylight of public participation.

Large broad-based Economic Development Items that some election campaigners have ignored or overlooked are:

 Articulation with the most recent FP Comprehensive Plan, Trans oriented development, reformed zoning, town planning and a streamlined procedures and policies that encourage businesses to do business and commerce in FP.

 A 10-year economic development and relief program.

 Reconnection with a job creator … The New Proviso East, 21st Century Technology STEM/ STEAM pathways.

 The FP Housing shortage and premature buying/ selling cycle.

 A perennially missed opportunity, an economic plan that includes the youth markets.

Before the 2019 April election will be the time to ask questions and get answers. Looking backward to the golden years of Forest Park is an urban myth. Consider using these ideas to frame your vote and participation in making a better Forest Park. 

* I see and have participated in the transformative changes at D209… why not Forest Park? I see no reason other than ourselves that can limit or to create our own transformative successes.

Bob Cox 

Forest Park resident and author of “Curious Proviso”

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