After near-fatally being struck in a hit-and-run in November, Matthew Creedon said his two collapsed lungs, broken pelvis, three broken ribs, fractured back and torn aorta are almost fully recovered.  

Creedon, who lives in Denver but was in town visiting family for Thanksgiving, was struck by a vehicle about 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 on Roosevelt Road. Other motorists got out of their cars and dragged him out of the roadway, he said.

Creedon’s family lives on the 1500 block of Marengo Avenue in Forest Park.  

“I’ve learned a lot about how much people care about me and just [about] myself and what I can make better in me,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of time to think. When you can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t do anything, it really made me pay attention and care more about the little things.” 

After the accident, Creedon, 35, was put in a medically-induced coma for two days. 

He regained his ability to walk on Christmas Day, a month ahead of schedule. Doctors later decided to remove an old plate in his ankle, so he estimates that surgery will keep him off his feet for a few months. His pelvis and ribs are fully healed. In addition, he lost 30 pounds and quit smoking as part of the recovery process. 

He said the support of family and friends have helped him get through this difficult time. 

“I’ve learned a whole bunch of patience. When it takes a half hour to do anything, there’s no reason to get upset because all these things don’t matter,” he said. “The little annoyances of everyday life, this has made me less lazy and better appreciate what I have.” 

Loved ones have held two fundraisers — one in Denver, where he was living with friends managing nightclubs, and another for locals at FitzGerald’s in Berwyn. He said they have raised a combined $15,000, which went toward hospital costs. He is waiting on his Medicaid application to go through, which should cover his hospital costs. 

Creedon’s friends have also started a GoFundMe — titled “Support Matthew Creedon’s Medical Bill” — to help cover his physical therapy and other day-to-day medical costs. He aims to raise another $20,000 through another fundraiser. 

“After the accident, everywhere I looked it seemed there was a new hit-and-run,” he said, urging anyone with information about his case to contact Oak Park police. He said police still have not found the motorist who struck him in the middle of Roosevelt Road.

While he waits for information and recovers, Creedon has also picked up a very part-time, flexible position selling tires at Associated Tire & Battery Co. 

“We’re selling tires to encourage driver safety, so nobody accidentally runs over anybody,” he said with a laugh. 

Tim Inklebarger contributed to this report