Customers of Pit Zone BBQ in Forest Park will be able to enjoy their meal with a glass of beer or wine following action by the Village Council Feb. 25.

Officials voted unanimously to approve an ordinance making several changes to the village code relating to liquor licenses, including granting a Class A2 liquor license to the restaurant at 7247 W. Roosevelt Road which opened in October 2017.

A Class A2 license allows the sale of alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, in restaurants. As a condition of the license, the business must derive more than 50 percent of its revenue from food sales. Under the Class A2 license, drinks are to be mixed or prepared at a service bar in a restaurant by employees and taken by employees to tables and consumed on premises with meals served by the restaurant.

In the other changes, the number of Class A1 licenses was reduced by one to 18 and the number of Class A3 licenses was reduced by two to four. The number of Class A2 licenses was increased by one to five to allow the additional license for Pit Zone BBQ. Class A1 licenses apply to bars and Class A3 licenses apply to restaurants that serve only beer and wine.

Mayor Anthony Calderone explained that an audit by village staff members revealed the existence of the extra Class A1 and Class A3 licenses.

“We prefer to have the number of issued licenses match the ordinance,” he said in explaining the need for the changes. He also said a village staff review of liquor licenses is conducted periodically. 

Forest Park village code lists nine liquor license classes.

Other liquor license classes include those that apply to private clubs, veterans organizations and cooking schools. In addition, separate licenses are available for wine only or for bring your own beverage (BYOB) establishments.