I’m Dr. Daniel Gasse, running for D91 School Board.  I’ve lived in Forest Park for 20 years, have run the Gasse School of Music here for 18 years and taught for 38 years.  I have 2 children attending D91 and have been very involved with the schools for 10 years. For the last 4 years I’ve been part of the team helping Proviso Together make the revolutionary revival of D209. This experience inspired me to run for the board to work for positive changes at D91. Furthermore, my doctorate in Music and Education has prepared me to understand the process for designing and realizing curriculums, programs, and educational evaluation systems.    

Like many of the students and families in our district, I’m Hispanic and bilingual. I have experienced the difficulties of language barriers in 2 counties and my older children attended ESL classes in public school.  I also lived below the poverty level for many years and had to raise my older children as a single parent for a few years.  

I can understand and be a bridge to the large population of Latinos (many with language challenges) and low income D91 families.  I’m committed to helping whoever needs it. I think my greatest contribution will be to ensure all children in D91 receive a great and equitable education. 

I believe in:

  • Well researched and evidence-based programs that will bring out the best in all of our children, from the academically successful ones to those who struggle;
  • Holding the board and superintendent accountable through transparency in decision making;
  • Strong communication between all stakeholders, from the students, to the parents, to the teachers and board members, to the community at large;
  • A proactive approach to problem solving.

I’ll do my best to make all of these happen.

Daniel Gasse

Forest Park District 91 school board candidate