“It’s time for new ideas and fresh momentum.” I couldn’t agree with the Forest Park Review more. That is why I believe Jessica Voogd, Mark Boroughf, Jon Kubricht and myself, Julianne Bonwit, are the best choices to lead Forest Park over the next four years.

One of the main questions Forest Parkers have asked me throughout this campaign has not been, “How long have you lived here?” or “What qualifies you to be a Commissioner?” The number one question has been, “What do Commissioners do?” That is a great question. It speaks to the inadequate communication many residents feel they receive as well as the disconnect and inaccessibility many of us feel to our local government.

A huge motivating factor for me to run was my direct experience in simply bringing an issue forward important to many residents and the cumbersome process it took to get resolved. I do not doubt any of the current Commissioners’ dedication and desire to make Forest Park the best it can be. They all chose to put themselves out there 4 years ago and be public servants to a Village they love. I respect and commend each one for their service.

However, as we push Forest Park into the future, it is vital that everyone in the Village feel they have a voice in their hometown, and Commissioners who will be willing to fight and change a system that has not always been the most inclusive, welcoming or easy for citizens to use. I ask you to vote for me, Julianne Bonwit, along with Jessica Voogd, Mark Boroughf and Jon Kubricht for Village Commissioners. We are the new voices and fresh ideas that Forest Park needs at this time in its long and wonderfully rich history.

Julianne Bonwit

Forest Park Commissioner candidate