The article announcing Chris Harris’s latest run for office mentioned him getting a donation from “A&P Com,” a marketing firm based in Chicago he claimed he’d done “some work” for in the past. “A&P Com” is not listed in the Corporate/LLC Database maintained by the State of Illinois. A search of the address provided in the donation returns the home address of James Parrilli, former Mayor of Maywood and Proviso Township Republican committeeman. As of this writing, six days have passed, and Chris Harris has yet to explain what “A&P Com” is or his connection to Mr. Parrilli. Why the secrecy? What kind of “marketing work” has Harris done for a man who in 2014 was connected to a robocall that sowed confusion among election judges right before an election? And why did Harris’ campaign delete posts connecting “A&P Com” to Mr. Parrilli’s home and a news article about Mr. Parrilli’s political activities? For a candidate who claims to be transparent, his silence is concerning. Considering the financial state of the Village, voters should be wary of voting for a candidate who is not open, accessible, honest or transparent about political donations.

Ramon Gonzalez

Forest Park resident