Thank you for letting me part of the fabric of the community, involved in its processes, and for always making me feel warm – even in election defeat.

I want to congratulate all that won last Tuesday and all that put themselves out there for the betterment of Forest Park. It sure is tough being on the ‘L’ side but it doesn’t change my love and faith in the goodness that is Forest Park. I cannot thank all of the neighbors enough who gave up their time to volunteer, or donate, or write a letter to the editor, thank you for having faith in me – I really wish I didn’t let you down. I know some are angry and are saying extreme things like they have given up faith or are leaving town – I say don’t. I know there are a lot of folks who still believe in good government, in the transparency we fought for for years, in letting the citizens be involved and have their voice – I am going to give this new council a chance and I hope you will as well. We have some good people that won, some people I know that want the best for Forest Park, we should give them a chance … and hold them accountable when needed.

Thank you for all of the personal messages of consoling & some with spirited calls to action. I am not going anywhere, I will still be as involved in the community as I was before the election. From Kiwanis to holding town halls … and everything else in between – I will be around volunteering and enjoying the camaraderie of the community. I want what’s best for Forest Park, Proviso – our entire community – and I will enjoy helping in any way I can.

Chris Harris

Mayoral candidate