During a special meeting held Tuesday evening, the three re-elected members of the Proviso Township High Schools District 209 Board of Education were sworn-into office. Afterwards, the board voted on new officers.

Members Ned Wagner, Theresa Kelly and Claudia Medina — who won their bids for re-election on the Proviso Together slate against four challengers — were sworn-in by school board member Rodney Alexander.

The board voted unanimously for Ned Wagner, who was re-elected to his second term on April 2, to serve another 1-year term as board president.

Board members voted unanimously for Theresa Kelly, who was re-elected to an unprecedented fifth term, as vice president. She replaces board member Sam Valtierrez in the role.

The board also unanimously voted for Claudia Medina, who re-elected to her second term, to serve as board secretary. Medina served as board secretary before being replaced by Amanda Grant in 2018.

Michael Romain