I am from Forest Park Middle School and I and my classmates have been doing a project to help the community of Forest Park.  We thought it would be a good thing to let the community of Forest Park know how we are trying to help. Below is something we typed up about our project. 

Over the past two years, a group of Forest Park Middle School students has been working on a project really hard. Students are a part of Our American Voice, a program where students learn about civics and encourages students to be involved in their community.   

They brainstormed how they could help the community last year and thought pedestrian safety was the biggest concern. Students think that the bridge sidewalk is very narrow and dangerous and they care about Forest Park citizens safety.  Students surveyed the community through interviews in person on Madison Street and also sent out a Google form.  They discovered town members agreed and reached out John Doss.  They have met with Forest Park officials, Tim Gillian and John Doss.  Gillian and Doss did put in a proposal to the state the students’ sidewalk expansion idea, but the 290 expansion has not been approved by the state yet.

Mr. Gillian explained the difficulties of expanding the bridge and sidewalk and proposed the students reach out to IDOT.   They sent letters to IDOT  using the engineer’s suggestions and they are going to put a sign on both sides of the bridge warning cars of pedestrian traffic. They are hoping these signs will help make those walking on the narrow sidewalks safer.

NaCari McFarland

Daniel Martinez

7th Grade Students

Our American Voice Club

Forest Park Middle School