From the first day that I started as a rookie patrol officer I christened this place home as I was mentored by some truly remarkable police officers who showed me the ropes. I believe I poured my heart and soul into policing this village and strived to make this community a better place to live for the citizens I served. I hope that if I helped one person get though a tumultuous period of their life it made the journey well worth it. Law enforcement is far more than just a job, it is a calling.

Through the years, I had always overheard officers from surrounding municipalities expressing their desire to work for the Forest Park Police Department and I now recognize why they did. I have had the distinct honor to have stood proud with my brother and sister officers in many-a-battle. Our first responders (everyone included, even the fire department) have always been second-to-none and I bid them God Speed, as the gratitude factor in regards to law enforcement/emergency response for this perilous and sometimes thankless career is not what it should be these days and needs to change.  

Mike Keating, outgoing deputy chief at the Forest Park Police Department

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