From Day One we’ve had concerns about the PMSA educational model for Proviso Township high schoolers. The selective enrollment school skimmed the top students from East and West, brought them to a new school in Forest Park and left the failing students behind in cruelly mismanaged facilities in Maywood and Hillside.

It is impossible not to admire what an academically dynamic school PMSA has grown into. Truly it is a jewel in the township. Our upset has eased over the past five years as determined efforts have been made by visionary elected leaders, and the administration they have assembled, to revive East and West.

Now we are excited to watch the announcement that replica versions of PMSA’s International Baccalaureate program will soon be installed at both East and West. This is an audacious declaration of possibilities and expectations for our public high schools.

Further, the instinct of Supt. Jesse Rodriquez that this new program not be physically segregated into a separate wing is exactly right. The mini-PMSA model needs to be on full display for every teacher and student in our schools. We need an aspiration model not a segregation model.

Another bold, positive step for Proviso Township High Schools.