After the final Daly Bagel pop-up at Urban Pioneer Group (UPG), located at 7503 Madison St. in Forest Park, sold out in record time on Saturday, Oct. 5, the multipurpose event space introduced a new artisan-focused market later the same day.

Continuing their efforts to support emerging artisans, UPG kicked off their monthly deli-sandwich pop-up with a hyper-local corned beef collaboration. The made-to-order New York deli-inspired sandwich featuring Knockout Catering Company’s corned beef on Lyman Ave. Bread sold out during the market.

Tim Giuffi, of micro-bakery Lyman Ave., characterized the bread as a “typical deli-rye,” made from freshly milled grains and baked in cast iron to yield a flavorful seeded loaf with a noteworthy crumb and crust.

Joe Hart of Knockout Catering was pleased to offer the corned beef-and-pickle garnish to complement Giuffi’s bread. Hart worked closely with his Warrior Chefs to perfect their corned beef preparation. The Warrior Chefs start by hand-trimming brisket before brining it for 14 days. The cured meat is then cooked sous-vide until tender. Sous-vide cooking requires the brisket to be placed in a plastic pouch and cooked low and slow in water at a highly regulated temperature. The resulting corned beef is highly flavored and extremely tender.

In addition to offering sandwiches for sale, Lyman Ave. Bread will offer additional loaves for purchase. Knockout Pickles and UPG’s Luigi Bites were also on hand while local artisans, including Baked Goodies by Inez, Ivy and Birch Floral, and Flourish Integral Health, were selling desserts, flowers and jewelry at the market.

Feel like you missed out? UPG intends to host more artisan markets in advance of the holiday season and already has a second deli-sandwich pop-up planned. Mark your calendars to snag a Knockout pastrami on Lyman Ave. rye on Saturday, Nov. 9 from 12 to 2 p.m.