This wasn’t intended to be on ongoing feature of the Review’s editorial page but we keep finding, well, things we like in Forest Park. Here are three:

The park district: Our Forest Park Park District is celebrating its 85th anniversary. We have, over the years, had some quibbles with the district. Overall, though, this district is as close to the ground, as responsive to residents as can be. They have kept current in innovations at their single park from programs to facilities, including the great new Roos Recreation Center.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Love to see Forest Park actively celebrating its diversity. Long a major boon to the town but sort of taken for granted, we loved having a Pride event last summer and now a focus on Latinx residents. Keep it coming.

The Arts Alliance: We’ve touted this great group before. But they keep doing more interesting things. Public art. Performance art. Just celebrating art and all the connections that creates.