It shouldn’t be this hard. 

The public art project that transformed the rusty old Circle Avenue Bridge into a shared statement of Forest Park’s vitality, cohesiveness, sense of fun and deep values keeps getting vandalized. Not the wide expanse of the bridge and its dozens of artistic contributions from scout troops and businesses and organizations. Just the one panel with the simple, profound and, yes, in this dismal moment controversial, statement that “No Human is Illegal.”

That’s the panel that twice again in the past 10 days has been vandalized by a person unknown with too much time and too much hate on their hands.

Our increasingly self-aware village is not letting the vandalism stand. Again, and again, and maybe, again in the days ahead, the art, the statement is quickly restored by volunteers. Also good to see that village government officials, including Administrator Tim Gillian and the police department are taking this seriously and upping their response.