Forest Park Mayor Rory Hoskins is helping organize local support for Democratic candidate Joseph Biden’s campaign for the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s no secret I’ve been involved in the Democratic Party,” said Hoskins, who will be participating in an organizing event for Biden’s presidential campaign. The event will take place on Nov. 7 at Shanahan’s in Forest Park.

“Staff from Team Biden will discuss the needs of the campaign,” said Hoskins in an invitation email. “They may even share some internal polling data that indicates why various Democratic Party constituent groups are expected to support Vice President Biden. At this point, the campaign needs people to phone-bank and to travel to volunteer in Iowa. The Illinois staff persons will share details.”

Hoskins himself plans to participate as a delegate in July 2020 at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. 

“I am doing this on my own time,” said Hoskins, who added that no Forest Park village resources will be used in his efforts.

District 91 school board member Mary Win Connor is helping Hoskins organize and recruit volunteers for the Nov. 7 meeting. Connor, who has been involved in politics for years, said she started working as an election judge when she was 18 and her mother insisted she become civically active.

“It’s ingrained in me to help people in one way or another,” said Connor. “Even though this is political as opposed to social, if you want your town or country to be a certain way, you need to help the person you think is best to be successful. The purpose of the meeting at Shanahan’s is to get interested people to step up and help.”