OK, either we’re lying or we’re just indecisive. Because we recall that in the past the Forest Park Review has said that our favorite Chamber event is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. But today we’re going to say our favorite Chamber event is those goofy Casket Races.

Were you there Saturday? One of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of happy souls lined up along Beloit watching a mix of earnest racers and somewhat less winning-focused teams push 18 versions of a casket down the street. Repeatedly.

Kudos to the winners from Bilingual Montessori Lab Academy. But we just can’t get the image of the Penguin Ladies flopping along the road with their feet webbed and their free arms flipping penguin-style. They weren’t built for speed but the entertainment quotient provided by the Happy Feet team was very high.

Full confession: The Forest Park Review is grateful that our casket did not go hurtling into the crowd. While it may have appeared we were headed in that direction a couple of times, our crack team of racers was never fully out of control of our casket.

The rest of Saturday got rainy so we can’t report on the outcome of Trick-or-Treat on Madison or the Zombie Pub Crawl. But the Casket Race, with what may have been an all-time-high number of contenders, was plenty of fun for us.

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce.