Wet snow in the overnight and early morning hours of Oct. 30 caused falling tree limbs, some large and responsible for damage around Forest Park. John Doss, director of public works, said that as of 9 a.m. his department had reports of 40 addresses with downed branches on sidewalks, streets, cars and roofs. 

Doss said snow doesn’t often fall when leaves are still on the trees, and when it does, heavy snow collects and causes extra weight the trees cannot sustain. This causes branches and sometimes trees themselves to crack and fall.

In addition to Doss and his staff of eight, Village Administrator Tim Gillian and Director of Public Health and Safety Steve Glinke were working to clear branches and limbs.

Doss said that the biggest damage he’d seen so far was two cars on Hannah Avenue almost totaled after a large tree limb had fallen on them.

“There might be more damage,” he said, since the weather is unpredictable, and more snow is predicted for tonight.

Bob Davis, Forest Park’s tree contractor, will also be working to remove bigger branches and trees from roofs.

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