I am a member of Forest Park’s Census Complete Count Committee. We are assisting with the national census effort to make sure every person in the village is counted. Having an accurate and complete count of Forest Park residents is critical to receiving all of the funds, resources, and programs that Forest Park needs and that will help our community thrive. 

It is estimated that we lost out on more than $7 million due to an undercount of approximately 26 percent in the 2010 census. We have several subcommittees that are currently forming that will tackle different areas in order for everyone to be included in the count. We could use help to reach out to our schools, local businesses, the chamber of commerce, and renters to name just a few. 

Please consider volunteering your time for this important effort. If you would like to volunteer with one of our subcommittees, please contact Allen Serrano at aserranosr@yahoo.com.

Kris McCoy

Forest Park