John Reilly, who has been with the Forest Park Police Department for over six years, was promoted to sergeant on Nov. 12 at a village council meeting.

On Nov. 12, Officer John Reilly, known as Jack, was sworn in as a police sergeant during a Forest Park Village Council meeting. 

Police Chief Tom Aftanas, who called Reilly “very impressive,” spoke about his growth and accomplishments over the six years he has been with the Forest Park Police Department.

“In six short years, he has become a respected field training officer, a member of the special response team, and he co-leads the honor guard,” said Aftanas. “Day in and day out, if he’s not on call, he’s actively seeking out criminal activity. This has contributed to his knowledge in criminal law and the controlled substances act, two areas that were included on the sergeant’s test.”

Aftanas went on to say he was confident Reilly would continue to do well leading by example.

Reilly expressed his excitement about the promotion and his awareness of the magnitude of what comes with his position.

“I absolutely love working for the Forest Park Police Department. I understand and appreciate the great responsibility we have as police officers in serving this community every day. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work in Forest Park, and I look forward to representing the department as a sergeant,” said Reilly.

Mayor Hoskins and the commissioners voted to direct the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners to hire three candidates from its current police officer eligibility list. These officers, once hired, will begin the Police Academy in January and should graduate in May.