Forest Park took a progressive step in its licensing of alcohol service last week when it created two new types of liquor licenses.

One allows local entities that are not bars or restaurants to apply for, and then pay for, a license that permits them to serve alcohol at events. We’re thinking of events we’ve attended at Urban Pioneer Group where alcohol was appropriate to a fundraiser. Now such positive uses will rightly fall under a logical liquor license.

Also created was a new type of license for outdoor events sponsored, for example, by the Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Rory Hoskins said the village government was already protected from a liability perspective under state licensing. Now, though, a local license will regulate this increasingly popular use.

Forest Park has long benefitted from the sale and licensing of alcohol. From our taverns to our growing roster of restaurants, food and drink have long been calling cards for the village. Now as alcohol service evolves it is good that the village is keeping up.